Project Management

Highlighting the production of the “Brightness” brand at Phare Ponleu Selpak in Cambodia, a boutique, artisanal shop that sells a line of branded goods as well as student-made products and artwork at a shop on the Phare Ponleu Campus in Battambang, Cambodia, Responsible for the overall success of the project, I created the business plan and played an active role in the development of the brand guidelines and visibility.

As the project manager, I oversaw the development of the interior design, expression of brand identity, development of goods, and execution of the business plan. After one year in business, the boutique had exceeded my profit projections and formed a significant source of fundraising for the organization. brightness of the arts PPSA

Brightness of the Arts: Creative Design from Cambodian Minds, is a new boutique brand in Cambodia, bringing the designs of Cambodia’s next generation of artists to life on a variety of products.

Pictured above, posters displaying the brand style and describing the brand mission. Below, the completed project on the Phare campus.


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